I'm Mila, an idiot who loves a way too much KiKasa.
Y soy CHILENA po !

I’ll be in a little hiatus for a while maybe i will update something for Halloween before i go into the hiatus (I’m still not sure)
It will last until December orz
gomen I need to finish work/projects/studies blah blah o<-<

PS: I won’t be on tumblr BUT I’M ALWAYS ON TWITTER HAHAHA…haha… ha………. /I shouldn’t be there but I’m kinda addicted to that thing oh well if you want to talk with me I’m always there *wink*

Ahh i’ve been busy as hell oTL 

Sorry for being so inactive, alot things have happened lately and that kept me pretty busy, i’ve been more active on twitter because i spam alot www anyway sorry for not answer all the ask and thanks for all the who have been concerned, I’ll try to put more sketches here oTL

anyway that’s all for the moment i should go to sleep now ahaha ^q^/ runs off



how do people coloring? i just can’t, even if i choose a good palette…. I can’t ; - ; sob

I tried to colour today as well…

Yes how do people colour it’s impossible ヽ(´□`。)ノ

i’m sitting here, watching all the awesome people who can colouring well and i am like HOW DID YOU DO THAT? QAQ ARE YOU GOD OR WHAT? ;;; but welp, we need to try more hard even if it’s impossible for us (;− ;)