I'm Mila, an idiot who loves a way too much KiKasa.
Y soy CHILENA po !

dori-mingu asked: ahhhhh oh my gosh, i really really love your drawing style. i was wondering how long you've been drawing, and what you did to get so great ahhhhhhhhhhhh <3

uwahh thank you ^///^
Oh well I’ve been drawing since i was like 5 or 6 y/o ww i can’t remember the only thing i remember is i liked too much sailor moon and pokemon and i used to spend all my day drawing these things (●′ω`●) (you can blame my mom, she really liked sailor moon ww)
I uhm still don’t know how to reply to that question but i think the best is practice as much as you can, and of course enjoying what you do, because that’s how i improved ^ ^)o

lilychow1993 asked: Mila would you mind I re-edit your great drawings with Chinese and reblog to my Sina weibo share with others?My friend really love your comics about Kikasa but she is too shy to say that to you...Waiting for your reply!Thanks!

uwaa I’m okay as long as you properly credit and link back to my tumblr :)

Anonymous asked: idk if you care, but i thought i'd let you know that most of your text is unreadable to me because of the color. sorry im not trying to be aggressive, i just thought you might want to know because it might make it difficult for people to read your posts and enjoy your art!!

Ahh I just change my theme because of this, though i’m really bad customizing but I hope the text looks more readable this time ^ㅁ^
If it doesn’t please tell me and I’ll change the color again, thank you!!

holyangelheart asked: What was the process for you and kiirusama to create a doujin? I am a fanfiction writer and I think it would be amazing to one day be able to collab with someone to create something.

Oh, well we just put an idea [for example “love confession”] and we do our own story. Sometimes is kinda difficult (at least for me) to create a story because since i’m not a good writer (and also my english is not very good) i always have the scene but when it comes to the dialogues I… get stuck ;;´ A `
I’ve always have imagine doing some kind of collab where someone write an story and then the other draw it! It sounds so funny because you can ask to the writer for ideas if you get stuck or how it would look good in that “X” part
I don’t really know how is the process that makes Kiiru but I think is similar ww we just get all excited when it comes to our ship/otp that all these randoms idea just come to us pretty easy ww But is always funny to try new things ^^

baskebu asked: Hola! Te sigo en twitter y da la casualidad de que acabo de encontrar tu blog y... bueno, sólo quería decirte que adoro tus dibujos! Y me hace mucha ilusión que dibujes KiseKasa ya que es una de mis otps (///◜◒◝///) ¡Muchos ánimos! Eres genial c: ~

¡Muchas gracias 0////0♥︎!
Me hace tan feliz seguir encontrando más gente que le guste KiKasa y más aún si ellos hablan en español ahh