I'm Mila, an idiot who loves a way too much KiKasa.
Y soy CHILENA po !

mushimako said: Hi! Mila-san :)This is Mushimako. I am coming from Mainland China, and I really like your illustration of Kikasa because I am also a big fan of Kikasa :). I am sending this message is begging you for giving me the permission and authority to translate your illustration (the manga/comic) to Chinese and share on our social community (weibo) so that more Kikasa fan from China has the opportunity to get to know you. Of course I will attach your tumblr link. Hope you will not mind :). Thank you

Hello Mushimako ^ ^)ㅇ
Sure, I’m okay as long as you properly credit and link back to my tumblr image

iamafantsy said: Hi! Can you help me or tip me with how to draw people crying? And can you give me examples? Thank you!

First, thank you so much for asking me though i don’t if this it will be helpful but i hope it does. And second as i always say my english is not very good so, i’m sorry for my grammar.
Well I don’t think i’m the best at drawing people crying but I tried to do something simple with the the examples :)
Ok the first i do is think about the context like if i’ll draw sometone that is crying because he/she is surprised, scared, happy, etc.image
As you can see i made it like they were surprised/scared and well the important is the expression you want to gave them like the shape of the eyebrow, their eyes and mouth
You can play with the shape of the eyebrow and mouth to give the feeling that they were frustrated/anguished or something like that idk

Also it’s important that you do the lines under the eyes and of course, the tears (I can’t draw very well that part because as you can see it looks a little bit exaggerated ;;;;) 
Anyway, try to play with the expressions, adding what you feel is necessary, like the lines under the eyes because it gives it that touch of “redness” when someone is crying :)

Anonymous said: Hi there! I just want to say that your art is really awesome and your KiKasa fanart gives me life (and massive nosebleeds ack). Have a great day~!! ( ´∀`)/


I don’t think this would give you a nosebleed but thank you!
I hope you have a great day as well~ (^ㅇ^)/♡

It’s been a while, senpai

Ahh this came to my mind when i was kinda busy with school and my part-time job ww so well since i haven’t posted anything in a while i wanted to draw some strip (even if its really short and random ww gomen) to say i’m still alive haha and of course to thank all these people who still see my blog these past few month, THANK YOU SO MUCH~ It’s not much what i can do at the moment but whenever i came here it make me so happy ppl still like what i do ;////; <33

Anonymous said: omg you like exo too? who are your favorite members?

YES! omg these past few months I been really obsessed with them and how cute they can be ahh /// oh and about my favorites, I really like all of them so is kind of difficult for me to choose one but i could say XiuMin, D.O, Tao, Chen and LuHan are one of my favorites but I also love the others members ahh I just cannot handle how lovely the are //// ><

luhaenie said: OMGGGG I just discovered your blog through the Kasaki doujin and I'M SO IN LOVE (*A*) I love every way you draw, the colors, outlining etc etc!! I can learn so much from you!! And I think it's so kind and cute of you to draw pictures for your responses ; U ;) <3 oh and you just made me like your ship TT u TT <3 yeahhy~

Ahhh seriously, it makes me so HAPPY that more people like my ships since I think they aren’t that popular ;///; Oh I really like to draw in my replies because that’s how let them know how much I loved their message and since I’m not very good at expressing myself with words i show it through my drawings ^///^’)ww And thank you so much, you’re really cute //♡//


dd-yumomo said: you are just like kikasa heaven on earth <333

Without these two little lovey dove angels AND OF COURSE all those sweet asks i get my blog wouldn’t be heaven, Thank you ^♡^